Construction of an umbrella at Aula Ambiental del Bosc Turull

  • start  May 2016
  • promoter   Aula Ambiental del Bosc Turull
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

cane construction, self-construction workshop

The project is included in the cycle of bioconstruction workshops organized by the entity, the Aula Ambiental del Bosc del Turull, in the neighborhood of Vallcarca, where we have our premises.

The idea of the project has been to make a construction that can accommodate different events that take place in the outdoor space of the entity, such as outdoor cinema sessions in summer, children's play area of the nearby schools that are going to play there, and as a stage space in front of the already existing bleachers.

Construction of the structure was done through a weekend session workshop with adults interested in reed construction.

The built structure is a simple design of two structural reed arches and secondary structure ribs that make it more rigid. The innovation in this construction has been the foundations, as part of the support of the structure must be solved with a superficial foundation and the other can be buried.

The collaboration of Ferran Noguera, who works with iron, has been requested to solve the surface foundation. Together with Ferran, we designed a bucket to reach the arches, which later also serves as a bench.



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