Transformation of Drassanes School’s exterior spaces

  • start  December 2017
  • promoter   Escola Drassanes
  • place   Barcelona

self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

We have participated in the construction phase of the "Fem patis Coeducatius" project, a project subsidized by the City Council of Barcelona (Directorate of International Justice and International Cooperation, IMEB and District) developed by Colectiu Punt 6 y Coeducació. Specifically, we have carried out the participatory design process of the elements and in the realization of the community construction workshops.

Between December 2017 and December 2018, participatory design sessions and construction workshops were opened to the educational community to build with the hands the necessary objects for the transformation of spaces.

In the first phase, in the yard there has been a climbing wall, plant species have been planted in recycled tires and parterres, mandalas have been made for the climbing plants and we have taken part of the track with the orchard. In a second phase, an accessible experimentation table was designed to promote free and abstract game around a new sand that we have also built amongst all.

In the second phase, two experimentation tables have been adapted to meet the needs of the youngest children in the playground. These elements favor the unstructured game and also delimit the space of tranquility and movement.

Regarding the adaptation of the porch space, in a third phase approximately 100 frames of fabric and absorbent material have been installed and installed to improve the acoustic conditions of the space while filling it colored. Also, a piece of furniture and a "Tangram" furniture that can be adopted by various figures has been made, fostering a representative play space.

Through the days of construction of the elements, the links between the educational community are enhanced and people's empowerment work in the construction of spaces and the use of tools for mechanical cutting and basic DIY.



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