Design of Voltes work tables

  • start  2015
  • promoter   Voltes Cooperativa d'Arquitectura
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

In the constant process of transforming and adapting our premises to changing needs, we have designed and executed two work tables with laminated steel profiles and pine wood.

One of the main requirements - given the small size of our premises - is that the tables must be removable, in order to provide flexibility in the space, and be able to be completely folded and stored on occasion (talks, celebrations, or cinema ).

The tables measure 150 x 120 cm and the board consists of two pieces of pine wood varnished on both sides, with an ecological and breathable material. The dimensions have been determined by the number of people who can work simultaneously on the ground floor, as well as the dimensions of the space itself. The metal works (welding and drilling) have been carried out in Vallcarca by Ferran Noguera. The set is an easily removable and reproducible product.

Voltes has taken part in the whole process of creating and elaborating the tables: from design to execution, with collaboration with experts being an enriching and lifelong learning experience.



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