Experimental workshops for children and families around the Gaudí exhibition

  • start  2021-2022
  • promoter   MNAC
  • place   MNAC

participation, self-construction workshop

As part of the Gaudí exhibition that took place at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia from November 18, 2021 to March 6, 2022, an experimental educational activity was proposed for schools and families that approach the museum. The aim of this activity has been to encourage critical reflection on the relationships between the built environment and people, following the theme of the exhibition on Gaudí's work. The activity proposed a creative experience to invite participants to observe the relationships between diverse people and built architecture, from the point of view of the user and the designer.

The proposed activity is a visit-workshop for educational centers and one for families The first part of the guided tour through the exhibition on Gaudí's work has emphasized the importance of the human figure in the Gaudí's works, both at the level of proportions and at the symbolic level.

The second part of practical, experimental and creative action has made it possible to reflect on architectural design, from the point of view of the users and of the architect as designer, just as Gaudí was. The activity consisted of receiving an order for a building for users who respond to different social profiles and emphasizing the look of diversity. The participants, as designers, had to observe the requirements to be taken into account in the definition of a building: the architectural spaces that make up a program of uses, the materials and their aesthetic and symbolic meaning, and finally the sensations, from individual and sensory perception. This experience has been done through small and large format models, promoting children and families to make their own creations and designs with different materials.

The two types of workshops, both school and family, have been held in different formats and have made it possible to collect a series of creations and proposals apart from getting to know Gaudí's work better. The part of the family workshop was held in a space of the museum that has been configured as an exhibition space open to the public where a proposal has been made so that visitors to the museum and the Gaudí exhibition could also contribute reflections and creative proposals around the ideal city. For this reason, some postcards have been designed that have been exhibited and that could be filled out spontaneously.



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