Design workshops and urban intervention in the public space of roquetes

  • start  2021-2022
  • promoter   Pla de Barris, Foment de ciutat SA, Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • place   Institut Escola Antaviana, barri de Roquetes

studies of urban space, participation, self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, Voltes cooperativa has been accompanying 3 groups of young people in the 4th year of ESO from IES Antaviana in a community project of APS. Learning and service is an educational proposal that combines processes of learning and service to the community in a single well-articulated project in which the participants are trained while working on real needs of the environment with the aim of improving).

The project that we have set up from Voltes is focused on bringing architecture and urban planning closer to young women in order to encourage reflection on the public space of the Roquetes neighborhood, get to know the neighborhood from a new perspective and invite to think about improvements in one of the significant spaces of the neighborhood, the amphitheater. The project has been structured in three phases with the aim of deepening the entire process of urban intervention, from the analysis of public space to the execution of actions. The first phase of analysis was carried out during the first quarter and allowed an exploration of the neighborhood from the classroom and the street, offering the young women new tools to recognize what the public space of their neighborhood is like from of the parameters of urban planning and architecture. The second and third phase of the design and construction workshops took place from January to June. The purpose of the design and construction workshops for urban interventions has been, on the one hand, to facilitate the initiation of young people in the process of designing improvements to public space based on previous studies that have already been carried out, and on the other hand, provide the necessary tools to develop the proposed intervention

As a result of the participatory design process that has taken into account the initial neighborhood observations, the project has focused on three different urban interventions that each class has developed. The set of interventions summarizes the purpose of the project to improve and transform some space in the neighborhood as a community proposal and service to the entire neighborhood. The interventions carried out have been: a participatory mural on the access wall to the amphitheater, auxiliary furniture in the stands that will be available to all the entities in the neighborhood and will be looked after by IES Antaviana and a participatory video summarizing the process where the value of collective construction, of acting in the public space and the residents' vision of what their neighborhood is like is highlighted.

In order to be able to carry out the interventions, the project has had the collaboration of Cameras and Action to energize the workshops for the realization of participatory social reporting with the students and of Albert Penado, an artist with experience in the field of design and execution of urban murals with young people. The project has been made possible thanks to the support of the Roquetes Neighborhood Plan. The proposal is part of the Caixa d'Eines programme, promoted by the Barcelona Neighborhood Plan, which consists of the introduction of artistic practices into the school curriculum with the aim of reducing the growing inequalities between the city's neighbourhoods.




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