Reed workshop in Amaco

  • start  June 2014
  • promoter   Àmaco
  • place   Ville Fontaine, France

cane construction, self-construction workshop

Around fifty people from all over the world (professors and the research sector), have participated in the multidisciplinary conferences on natural fibers in the field of construction organized by AMÀCO (research group linked to the organization CRAterre of the University of Grenoble). These conferences are held every two years at the "Grands Atéliers" in Ville Fontaine, a large space for experimentation linked to the various universities of engineering and architecture in the Rhône-Alpes region.

For this project we have designed a prototype where the Arundo Donax cane serves as a structural support for other vegetable fibers that have been worked on during the conference.

Thus, during the various practical and experimental workshops - where the materials have been observed from a physical, chemical and architectural point of view - all kinds of natural fibers have been touched. Finally, a prototype was built among all the participants where all the knowledge acquired and the ideas of the participants were put into practice.

The resulting work was a small cane kiosk, with fashionable fiber panels, and bamboo, wicker, cane and rattann coverings. The foundation of the work was executed with adobe bricks made in a nearby workshop. The design and construction of the global work was carried out jointly with Amaco.



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