Rehabilitaction in San Esteban de Litera -work in progress

  • start  Work in progress
  • promoter   Private
  • place   San esteban de Litera, Huesca

calculation of structures, rehabilitation and reform

The project consists of the improvement of a traditional house located in San Esteban de Litera (Huesca). It was born from the usual collaboration with Tercerpaisaje, an architecture and environment studio installed in Huesca and dedicated, among other things, to rehabilitation.

In this way, the project begins with the previous studies of the building; Carrying out an exhaustive pathology report to propose the most suitable solutions to the study house.

The building is made up of a ground floor, first floor and under deck; with a space for a cellar in the basement. The horizontal structure is made by means of wooden beams and vaults with a cane framework and an internal plaster finish.

The bearing walls are made of stone, brick and adobe on the highest floor. The roof, composed in the same way as the horizontal slabs, has a ceramic tile finish. In its interior finishes you can read the different stages of use that the house "has lived".

The executive project seeks to make a technical proposal to improve habitability, reinforcing the structure of the house and changing the roof; as well as making a proposal for interior intervention by changing the staircase and thereby modifying the spaces.

The project effort lies in solving technical problems while maintaining the original aesthetics to the maximum and proposing small distribution modifications, which add one more layer to the history experienced by the building.



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