Bio-Rehabilitation in Ca la Eli

  • start  2019
  • promoter   Private
  • place   La Roca del Vallès

bioconstruction, calculation of structures, energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

Rehabilitation of a building intended for agricultural auxiliary use to transform it into a studio, workshop for alternative and natural therapies.

The project has been carried out with special care on the use of natural materials and with special emphasis on energy efficiency. In addition to focusing on the use of the original construction elements, trying to generate the minimum amount of waste. It was originally a walled building with a concrete block and a fiber-cement roof over reinforced concrete beams.

First of all, the existing fiber cement roof has been replaced by a new one with a exposed wooden structure, insulated from the outside with wood fiber.

The building has been calculated to have almost zero consumption, with the main openings to the south, protected by a wooden porch and enhancing cross ventilation. The whole envelope has been extradossed with cellulose-blown insulation, and the whole interior has been plastered with raw earth that with 3 cm provides thermal inertia and has hygroscopic properties that allow perspiration and regulation of the humidity of the environment. .

In order to heat the house in winter, an efficient 8 m bench-type Rocket-type thermal mass stove has been built, which is used to create a sauna space in the bathroom and in one of the enclosed rooms.

It is therefore a comprehensive rehabilitation project which has sought the use of natural materials, healthy and with a very low ecological footprint, such as wood, cellulose, and raw earth minimizing demolition making the most of the pre-existences.

For the project, he has collaborated with Tres Tocs for the realization of the wooden roof, Defango for the interior plastering, and Arts amb caliu for the thermal mass stove. The photographs were taken by Arbe.



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