Reform and structural strengthening of a home in L’Hospitalet

  • start  April 2019
  • promoter   Laura i Federico
  • place   L'Hospitalet del Llobregat

calculation of structures, energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

We have collaborated with the architect Federico Marani on the rehabilitation and structural strengthening of his new home in Hospitalet del Llobregat. It is a building built in 1932 with a load-bearing structure with slabs of solid wood beams and insitu concrete screeds originally covered by a false reed roof.

The building had cracks and cracks in the floors and the facade, and in the gallery. In addition, the project of a new interior layout required the demolition of certain partitions that, over the years, had come to their load and consequently the floor had to be reinforced with two beams. Some openings inside the island have also been modified.

Parts of the original hydraulic pavement manufactured at La Torrassa (L'Hospitalet) have been preserved and have been restored by the promoters and have been adapted to the new distribution. This allows the light to enter the interior spaces, and cross ventilation was not possible with the original. The exterior windows were also replaced with new solid wood to improve the energy efficiency of the home with low-ecological materials, and the false ceilings had been demolished to restore the original beams and rivets.

Finally, the architect and developer Federico has designed the custom wooden doors and furniture and has chosen a special tile for each environment where the traditional Murcian tiles in the Gallery stand out.

Photos taken by arbe .



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