Renovation of a house in the Poble Sec neighborhood

  • start  March 2016
  • promoter   Private
  • place   Poble Sec, Barcelona

calculation of structures, rehabilitation and reform

The proposal is to carry out a minimal intervention in a flat located on Carrer Piquer, in the Poble Sec district of Barcelona. It is a building prior to the twentieth century, and retains original elements typical of a construction of the time and its successive modifications: wooden (and metal) beam ceilings, ceramic vaulted mezzanine, load-bearing walls of manual solid brick and wooden openings.

By widening one of the load-bearing walls and demolishing two partitions, wider and more open spaces have been achieved. Taking advantage of the intervention, a complete renovation of the kitchen has been carried out, achieving more spacious and bright rooms. The finishes of the reform highlight the characteristics of the original construction, while generating warmer spaces, through the wooden pavement, the finished brick finish, and the light colors of the partitions. In addition, LED strip lighting has been installed on top of the new partitions, accentuating the original ceilings and minimizing energy costs.

The refurbishment has been carried out in collaboration with the Ateneu d’Oficis de la Base, a self-managed neighborhood self-employment project.

Photographs taken by arbe .



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