Renovation of the Voltes studio

  • start  2021
  • promoter   Voltes cooperativa d'arquitectes SCCL
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

rehabilitation and reform

The renovation of the Voltes Cooperativa studio has been designed collectively with the participation of all the members through different work sessions. The proposal responds to the desire to optimize and improve the workspace, seeking to free up as much space as possible and concentrating the service cores. In this sense, the design responds to an optimal use of space, thinking in detail about the new furniture elements built. The reform intervention has been comprehensive, acting both on the ground floor and on the attic, focusing on a change of distribution and the creation of furniture that responds to different services: the staircase, the bathroom, and the kitchen .

The proposal consists of a service and storage pill that makes it easy to have both the ground floor and the mezzanine space free. This service tablet is configured by a staircase with integrated wardrobes, under which a small office-kitchen is incorporated and finally collects the bathroom that is separated from the office space. This service tablet is materialized with a structure and wood and ceramic finishes that combine different shades to give more warmth to the space. This combination of wood finishes, white lacquered and wood, gives character to the whole intervention.

The intervention in the attic includes a new laminate flooring and the construction of a piece of furniture to support all the office equipment available to the cooperative. This space has been converted into a copy shop and work space and / or meeting space due to its new, more office and less versatile character, unlike the ground floor space which allows more activities to be hosted.

The work and realization of the new custom-designed furniture has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Dani Urbina and Mima Works carpenters. The installation and construction work has been carried out by Joan Clua. Finally, the photographs of the space were taken by Arbe.



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