Imporvement of the offices of Igcar Chemicals

  • start  June 2017
  • promoter   Igcar Chemicals S.L.
  • place   Rubí

energy efficiency

The project consists in the reform and improvement of distribution and energy efficiency of the offices of Igcar Chemicals in Rubí. We are located on the ground floor of the building with an area of ​​428 m².

The main demands of the users consist, on the one hand, in optimizing the space for departments, improving the communication flows between them and, on the other hand, generating an open space through the entrance of natural light to all rooms.

The architectural project demolishes most of the compartments to free space and get a plant as open as possible. The main access and the waiting area are extended and a more direct connection is made to the first floor where the laboratory and more offices are located.

The plant articulates around three nuclei that allow the circulation around. These elements are perceived as exemption buckets for the combination of transparent or opaque materials, and the sliding doors that are collected. The release of the perimeter favors the entrance of natural light to all spaces. The central core is destined to a training room with the option of compartmentalising it in two meeting rooms through a mobile partition.

Photographs made by arbe.



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