Reform for Carolina and Omar

  • start  (CAT) Maig 2016
  • promoter   (CAT) Particular
  • place   (CAT) Sarrià, Barcelona

energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

The project intends to transform the use of some old offices, located on Copèrnic street,Sant Gervasi Barcelona, for the use and occupancy of Omar, Carolina, their son and their friend Violeta.

The first floor (130m2) of the building has a facade oriented towards the street and another towards the interior yard, allowing for multiple sources of light and ventilation within the space. One of the main goals was to naturally light the interior of the office space from all sides, finding the way to get light to travel from one room to another by using unintrusive sliding doors, which can hide and become part of the wall.

The house is split by a central area designed as a kitchen, dining room and living room. On opposite sides of this hallway of sorts, there are two spacious rooms, each with its own bathroom and study area. This allows for two zones in the house that can be acoustically isolated from one another, creating two specified areas of living for the family (one for Omar, Carolina and their son, and the other for Violeta). One of these spaces is more communally oriented, and the other is more intimate and individualized, balancing the usage and distribution of both spaces.

The reform of this project was realized in collaboration with architect Martín Sànchez.



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