Book: “The use of cane in traditional architecture”

  • start  September 2017
  • promoter   Voltes Cooperativa d'Arquitectura
  • place   Barcelona

cane construction

The book The use of cane in traditional architecture has been edited and edited by Voltes and collects the knowledge that throughout the trajectory of work with the cane we have been able to pick up.

The purpose of this publication is to rescue and disseminate knowledge of the reed craft. This desire is part of the context of a necessary transition to a post-industrial society that replaces its productive system, focusing on a sustainable model that re-establishes the link between the territory that characterized the metabolism of traditional society.

The book aims to present the basic characteristics of cane (arundo donax) as well as to deepen the knowledge of the traditional techniques that originate in the use of this fiber as a building material. The different construction systems and some of the elements built in different experiences carried out historically on the territory of the Iberian Peninsula are exposed.

We have also made an interactive map and open to value this architectural heritage in an easy and participatory way.

This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of friends who have helped us along our way and have actively participated in this publication by contributing selflessly photographs and their knowledge, and have been partially funded by 'City Hall of Barcelona.

The publication is free to consult through from this link and can be purchased at the bookstore La Capell , the and the web of EcoHabitar .



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