Cane protection at Mas Marroch dome

  • start  July 2015
  • promoter   El Celler de Can Roca, Girona
  • place   Mas Marroch, celler de Can Roca, Girona

cane construction, new construction

The project to protect the dome of the "Agora" of Mas Marroch was a challenge to work as architects and builders. It consists of the construction of the sun protection of the reception space to host events at the Celler de Can Roca, in Girona. Specifically, it is a series of reed facings placed on a wooden and methacrylate structure that form the large dome of the space. The approach of this cover is that it becomes in the future the basic structure where climbing plants can grow, and ends up finally becoming a living plant protection.

The construction of the Agora has a light and welcoming dome; dry stone walls that promote permeability and transparency; and it is a space where tradition and modernity are enriched and complemented.

The whole of the construction, responds to criteria of sustainability. As Oriol Roselló said, he set out to "maximize the use of local materials and traditional technological systems adapted to today's local artisans". Therefore, traditional construction techniques have been applied, such as dry stone walls that support the entire wooden structure, the wooden structure, and the finishes of reeds, coconut, cellulose or wicker. .

For us, the objectives have been: to achieve facings adapted to the curvature of the dome; ensure its subjection to the structure; the artisanal execution of curved reeds; and finally, its placement at a height of up to 20m. All in all, designed to be carried out with little infrastructure and carrying out vertical work at height.




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