Change of door in house on Ground Floor in Poble Sec

  • start  2019-2020
  • promoter   Private
  • place   Poblesec, Barcelona

rehabilitation and reform

Giacomo bought a ground floor premises in Poble Sec, to turn it into a home and an art workshop. The new layout solved the living room, kitchen and workshop program in a single space directly connected to the outside, so it was necessary to think in detail what the closure with the street would be like.

This little project, the simplicity of a door, talks not only about the technical aspects, but about the skin that separates the public and private spheres.

On the one hand, the threshold had to allow ventilation and maximum light entry, so as not to accumulate moisture on the ground floor. However, it had to soundproof the house from street noise. On the other hand, it was necessary to ensure the privacy and security of the interior space.

These requirements had to be combined, creating a flexible limit, able to adapt to the different daily needs of Giacomo. That is, from the moment of work in the workshop with a lot of light, exposure to the outside and ease of entry and exit of large volume pieces; to others of greater privacy and even, the total closing.

In order to collect all these conditions, an element is designed that combines three filters that overlap from the outside to the inside, with two strips that divide the walls in lower and upper level, graduating the opening of the plant.

First of all, in the exterior filter, we find doors made of iron and treated wood, which guarantee the safety of the home and provide control of the sun. Secondly, an intermediate filter for double-glazed doors and windows, with aluminum carpentry and different opening systems, to ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation, while adapting to the various needs of ventilation. Lastly, a textile inner layer, based on curtains, to provide intimacy and light control. The vertical stripes multiply the combinations facilitating the versatility of the element.

The choice of materials and colors responds to the demand of Giacomo, to be able to give warmth to the environment but respecting the industrial aspect of the workshop.

Photos taken by Arbe




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