Collective construction at El Prat del Llobregat gardens

  • start  February 2019
  • promoter   El Prat del Llobregat city council
  • place   Ludic gardens at El Prat del Llobregat

cane construction, self-construction workshop

Creating a community is one of the main objectives of the Prawns of the Prat del Llobregat (more than 150 plots). In this direction works the technical team of dynamization of this space that has entrusted to Voltes the collective construction of a space of shadow in one of the rest areas.

The project was carried out with the volunteers who wanted to participate during 3 weekends (non-consecutive) in this free workshop for users of these facilities. Thus neighbors of parcels of orchards have worked together for the realization of an element in the common space. Weaving relationships of trust and mutual understanding.

The element has been designed by Vaults with parametric design and consists of 4 beam arches of approximately 15cm in diameter and about 8m in length. Afterwards, a series of nerves have made it possible to create a traditional robe with a natural rope to shape the final finish.

All the construction has been carried out with about 1000 reeds harvested in the canal channel that goes right in front of the orchards, since the Llobregat delta is a zone very prone to the growth and expansion of the cane arundo donax.

Most of the participants have been organized to carry out a similar reed structure in another resting area. This fact shows the success of the workshop and its main objectives: weaving community and empowering people in the use of this material.

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