Design and execution of a pergola with cane contrines

  • start  February 2019
  • promoter   Private
  • place   Barcelona

cane construction, energy efficiency, new construction

The project resolves the necessary sun protection from the south facade of this house old town House and the swimming area of the natural pool. The challenge has been to interact with the historic building without taking center stage in the original carpentry and ceramics of the gallery. In addition giving a concordant set of views in relation to the new pool pergola.

The result of a rich debate with the promoters is proposed two curved pergolas, with a metallic structure and covered with traditional curtain rods. Searching for a structure has a minimal impact without pretending to be existing, drawing on the facade to show the moldings and attaining the most useful space in the shade.

It has been chosen to form the cover with roller blind curtains, in order to regulate the shade and facilitate to keep at house in winter, necessary to maximize the entrance of sunlight to the gallery and the passive heating of 'this.

These have been produced by the team of Voltes, using the traditional system learned through the contact with masters of the region of Plana Alta in Castellón. Specifically they have been done in a workshop on fixed racks, making 6 manual seams with a longline rope in each curtain of 15 m 3 m in height and 1.20 m in width. This work has been done with only 3 weeks.

The shadow has been operational since the summer of 2019 just in time to be able to accommodate the new member of the family, attenuating the sun's rays and forming the characteristic shadows of a natural and living element.

The execution of the metal structure has been carried out by Forja Montseny and in the elaboration of the curtains they have collaborated, Vicent Villaplana, La Fusteria de Vallcarca and Cristian Real. Photographs made by arbe .



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