Interventions in the courtyard of the Joan Miró School

  • start  January 2019
  • promoter   Joan Miró School
  • place   Joan Miró School

self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

Since 2016, Joan Miró School has carried out a process of transformation of the school's outdoor spaces through the Patio Commission and with the support of external entities such as Fil a l'Agulla, Coeducacció and Creart. At the root of this process, several needs were identified, including the creation of a space to promote calm and privacy, as well as the creation of a space for motion and psychomotor games with natural materials. Due to these needs, Voltes has been proposed to collaborate with the participatory design and construction of these elements in the patio during the 2018-2019 school year, developing the project in two phases.

During the first phase, the construction of a live wicker hut was proposed to promote the quiet and intimidating space of play. Firstly, there were several models workshops in the classroom with the 3rd and 4th students and later, two construction days have been carried out; one to understand the step of the model to reality and the other to finish building the cottage together with the participation of the entire educational community. For this phase, we have collaborated with the basket-holder Aleix Grifoll, who has supplied the material and has accompanied us during the construction.

During the second phase, a participatory design session was carried out using models with the 5th and 6th students to propose new movement game elements to the new patio floor. Once all the models have been studied, the most representative proposals have been prioritized and an element that incorporates the wills collected during the process has been designed.

Subsequently, the participation of the entire educational community has been executed by the naturalization of this space with the implementation of a certified structure of logs. For this phase, we have collaborated with Trunks and game for the construction and installation of the structure. The design process in the classroom and participatory construction has been an enriching experience that has led to the transformation of the school's outdoor spaces. Photographs made by arbe .



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