Participatory budgets for Barcelona 2020 in the Sant Andreu district

  • start  January 2020
  • promoter   Barcelona's city council
  • place   Sant Andreu, Barcelona


Vaults, in conjunction with Raons Cooperativa and Spora Cooperativa , we have coordinated and stimulated the participation activities within the framework of the Participatory Budgets 2020 in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, ​​made up of the neighborhoods of Baró de Viver, Bon Pastor, El Congrés and the Indians, La Sagrera, Navas, Sant Andreu de Palomar and Trinitat Vella.

The main objective has been to gather the various voices of the citizens to decide where part of the municipal investments in the neighborhoods go, stimulating this process of opinion and implementation of proposals. On the one hand, residents have been able to make modifications or new proposals to the PAD (District Action Program); these proposals being evaluated by City Council technicians for their possible incorporation. On the other hand, and as a novelty of the Participatory Budgets 2020, residents have also been able to propose specific Investment Projects to be carried out in their neighborhoods.

Methodologically, the various participatory actions and collective debates have been organized around the following objectives:

    Disseminate the project to the public with an understandable language
    Contextualize the process so as not to generate false expectations
    Raise awareness of sustainability, gender perspective and diversity
    Generate debate on how to improve the public space and / or the neighborhood between the different actors with diversity of needs and interests
    Involve diverse actors: neighborhood, entities, merchants and facilities
    Ensure the inclusion of different ages, genders, cultures and socio-economic classes
    Fostering social cohesion and strengthening identity

The project has been materialized through the following actions:

Design and dynamization of participatory sessions to work on the topics proposed in the PAD and Participatory Budgets; through Neighborhood Councils and Specific Sessions on specific District issues
    Making itinerant participation points for each neighborhood, making trips at different times in order to gather the maximum diversity of opinions
    Open a support and information point at the district headquarters once a week, to accompany residents in the development of investment projects
    Revitalization of the digital participation platform (