Naturalizing the school yard 30 Passos

  • start  May 2019
  • promoter   Garden and coeducation group of the school 30 Passos
  • place   30 Passos School

self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

The new 30 Passos school has the peculiarity of being in its definitive location, but with a provisional construction that drove the project towards the improvement of its infrastructures, in this occasion of the space outdoor.

We call it a garden in the yard, as the educational project proposes its conversion into a space where nature is the protagonist: a living space where the well-being of children is at the center. We want to create an ecosystem with natural and sustainable constructions that the educational community enjoys, taking care of their closest environment.

So, during the 2019 academic year we started a collective participation process started by the Garden and Coeducation group of the school. With the motor group, we co-design a living wicker structure that responded to the needs of hiding and tranquility, segregating the most moving activity through the strategic situation of the entrances and exits or with the height of the doors. This structure consists of 3 measure huts adapted to the different ages of the children and a sunny porch type space and was made in collaboration with the basket maker Aleix Grifoll.

In winter, the time of planting this vegetable fiber: the wicker, we enjoyed two days of collective construction to make the structure's planting a reality with the whole educational community. Photographs made by arbe .




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