Interior renovation and energy improvement of a penthouse in the Sants district

  • start  2020
  • promoter   Private
  • place   Sants, Barcelona

energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

This project deals with the interior renovation of a penthouse in the Sants district of Barcelona. The aim of the commission was to design a new family meeting space and improve energy efficiency.

On the one hand, the starting conditions of the house were very unfavorable with respect to its orientation and location. This duplex is located directly under the roof of the building, without any insulation. As a result, it was very cold in the winter due to heat loss; and in the summer it was very hot from the sun. In addition, the North orientation did not allow the optimal use of the heating through the windows. These characteristics compromised the energy demand in heating and cooling, in order to maintain the thermal comfort in the home.

The project has taken various measures to ensure good energy performance. In terms of thermal insulation, the roofs in contact with the roof have been reinforced with an 8 cm layer; and in the facings, injecting cellulose into the air chamber. Finally, the carpentry of the balcony has been replaced by others with transmittance coefficients appropriate to its orientation.

On the other hand, the family had grown in recent years and the dynamics of the use of the interior spaces of the house had changed with the arrival of two children. The project has proposed a new distribution where the kitchen, the dining room and the living room communicate through the same space, but with sufficiently different environments. Items such as the kitchen bar or the laundry room are articulated by hiding or revealing the details of the program. In order to consolidate the idea of ​​spatial unity, the floor of the house has been changed and the stair railing has been replaced by a lighter and more current element based on iron bars. And finally, next to the room, the elements of the game are organized and take on the prominence that this childhood stage becomes, even placing a cloth hanging from the ceiling.

The intervention not only carried out the change of image that the family wanted, with the incorporation of new materials, textures and colors; but it has meant a new way of living and sharing the home through a great space of coexistence. All this by putting the parameters of energy efficiency at the center, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Photos taken by Arbe

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