Bioclimatic Improvements for the facade of the Assumpta

  • start  (CAT) Juny 2017
  • promoter   (CAT) Particular
  • place   (CAT) Santa Maria de Palautordera

energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

The installation of a second “skin”, or layer, over the facade of a single family home built with a timber frame structure over a straw bale base and a finishing earth and lime lining.

The projects main objective is to improve the buildings protection and resistence to solar radiation and percipitation, specifically on the east facade, the most affected area from these natural forces (47m2).

The proposal is to install a continuous liner made of treated Flanders pine wood, where openings, with folding shutters and horizontal axis´s, allow for solar protection without loosing the view and ensuring total protection when closed. When the blinds are open, they act as an overhang over the windows opening, thanks to a complex system of guides and aluminum profiles precisely desinged and executed to size.

The entire wooden surface is supported through a verticle steel structure, which is anchored to the floor.

The folding shutters were designed along side carpenter Lluis Aregay Miquela, serraler David Bejar, whom both designed the size and executed the work for the project.



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