MACBA en família 2019-2020, experiència canyera!

  • start  December 2019
  • promoter   MACBA, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
  • place   Convent dels Àngels

cane construction, self-construction workshop

During the last week of 2019 and the first of 2020 we participated in the MACBA family workshop series. In these activities, the Museum is open to the family public with the intention of being a space where they can learn together in a playful way; a place to discover artistic proposals that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also stimulate reflection on the many ways in which we can make, look and listen to the art of our time.

The workshop was developed over 5 days during which families worked on the construction of cane structures, as a space for creation, collective exploration and approach to the museum. The various activities sought to empower the design and construction of the spaces we inhabit and to generate spaces for learning, sharing and experimenting with natural material such as cane, in order to know its transformation into a constructive element. Awareness was encouraged about the use of natural materials in architecture and construction and the positive effect on the environment that it has, and especially the work and coordination to decide as a team.

The workshop was open to all audiences, from the youngest to the young and the adult, eager to approach bioconstruction from the most craft work. During the workshop different types of lightweight and ephemeral structures, of different scales and qualities and with varying degrees of complexity, were built to suit all ages.

The main objectives of the activities were: learning about the construction of elements with sustainability criteria; provide tools for self-construction and element creation; know the process of transformation and handling of a natural material, the cane in this case; learn traditional construction techniques; teamwork.

Photographs made by arbe .




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