Local reform for the Meteoro Cultural Association

  • start  January 2017
  • promoter   Meteoro Cultural Association
  • place   Passeig Montjuïc, Barcelona

The Meteoro Cultural Association, dedicated to the dissemination of avant-garde music and graphic arts and visual arts, contacted us to make a very specific request: to advise them in the process of finding a suitable place to carry out its activity, the project for the adequacy of the premises, and the corresponding processing of the activity license.
In this way, after almost half a year of research, it was decided to reform a warehouse with an office on the ground floor located on Paseo Montjuïc in the neighborhood of Poble Sec.

The proposal of the premises consists of rehabilitating the premises creating different spaces but without losing the breadth of it: a gallery hall, the bar area, a platform for concerts, a multipurpose room, and the services area (bathrooms and store).

The interior design of the space and its distribution, breaking with the previous lines of the premises, seeks to recreate a punk and industrial aesthetic, at the same time as a cozy and comfortable environment. For this reason, facilities have been carried out, galvanized steel and polycarbonate were used in the finishing. The scope of the entrance has been projected as a reception space in the case of events with numerous groups. It is a space of intermediate transition, between the street and the premises, with a door of galvanized steel folding. When the activity of the premises ends, the same gate becomes an outer gate.

The intervention, due to the legal conditions of acoustic conditioning, has focused practically on walls and ceilings, designing sealed acoustic insulation and double chamber of air.

We invite you to become partners of the Meteoro cultural association to enjoy activities, exhibitions and concerts!

Photographs made by arbe .



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