Participatory design meetings for the Vallcarca neighborhood

  • start  September 2017
  • promoter   AJuntament de Barcelona
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

participatory urban design

The redefinition of Vallcarca´s master plan, from the contest of ideas in 2016, created the Jorndades Participatives de Vallcarca, a series of community participatory council meetings that continue to edit and discuss the current planning process happeing within the city.The competition (its rules and descriptions created by Voltes) was promoted by the Barcelona City Council, and its project sites include the streets Farigola, Cambrils, Calendau, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and the Vallcarca viaduct. The aim of these seminars is to promote a collective discussion in order to question, validate and improve the winning plan from the competition. This proposal was suggested by one of the neightborhood groups, as a way to add a local vision to the architectural proposal raised.

The result of these seminars will midify the current planning being done by the city Council of Barcelona for the Vallcarca neighborhood. Meetings have been held every Thursday afternoon between the months of September and December of 2017. Sometimes, Volta has designed, promoted and coordinated the process, along with the Monitoring Group made up of neighbors, representatives of additional entities and the Barcelona City Council. Because the local fabric of the neighborhood is very strong, the sessions were able to be organized for four days, each day going extensively into a central theme and specific details could be covered in discussions.

This was a very satisfactory process, were a document of neighborhood authority was created; a summary of all of the opinions, wills, and the majority consensus of the neighbors. You can see the document: here