Participatory design meetings for the Ronda de Dalt de Barcelona

  • start  (CAT) Desembre 2017
  • promoter   (CAT) Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • place   (CAT) Districte d’Horta - Guinardó, Barcelona

participatory urban design

Voltes designed and organized the participatory process for defining the uses and plan for the first stretch of the Ronda de Dalt in the District of Horta-Guinardó, commissioned by the city of Barcelona.

The objectives of the process are the following; first, to inform and disseminate the project of the first tram in the Ronda de Dalt; segond, to collect opinions and proposals of people living alongside the project site, about the future uses for the tram of the Ronda de Dalt (uses and activities, acess, urbanization, convinience); third, opening up the discussion of the Ronda to new voices, adding plurality and diversity to the debate; and finally, involve the closest facilities and companys, to promote their future participatoin in the project.

Methodologically, the process has been organized by hosting meetings with the booster group and other agents involved, along with participatory actions, and finally, the results of the process informing the continuation of the project.

The project started in December 2018 and was finalized in April of 2018, where we met with the group responsible for validating the proposed draft with a public presentation of the final results of citizen participation in the project.