Construction Workshop of a greenhouse at Ecobodum Gardens

  • start  February 2019
  • promoter   Associació Ressò
  • place   Ecobodum garden, Rubí

cane construction, self-construction workshop

Participatory workshop of construction with cane for the realization of a greenhouse in the Gardens of Ecobodum in Rubí. The workshop has been proposed by the Ressò Association of San Muç , an association of residents of the Rubí district in which a group of architects of the ETSAV take part. Ecobodum agroecological production cooperative is also a promoter of this project.

The harvest of canes (arundo donax) has been carried out on the cooperative's own farm. This task has been more complex than usual due to the floods of recent months and, above all, the lack of maintenance of the streams. There was an accumulation of dried and fallen, muddy and drenched canes (basically wet wipes) that drag rains and floods.

Once harvested the reeds have been processed (cleaned, and classified according to the diameters) and the 12 necessary arcs formed by approximately 20 reeds (9cm in total diameter) have been made. The construction was finally about 5 meters wide by 7.5m long and a height of 2'75m at the highest point.

Finally, the finish has been a translucent plastic that generates the greenhouse effect, the object of the construction to allow the planting of seedlings this season and we hope that many more.

It has been an open participatory workshop that has allowed people with knowledge in agriculture to provide the necessary modifications to the design in order to adapt it to the specific needs of agricultural use required.

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