(CAT) Habitem el pati, habitem la ciutat

  • start  September 2016
  • promoter   La Maquinista school
  • place   Sant Andreu, Barcelona

cane construction, self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

The educational community of La Maquinista school needed to carry out a transformation in the playground to respond to the needs of children and generate new opportunities for spaces and activities. This comprehensive project for the transformation of outdoor spaces has been carried out in conjunction with Coeducacció, a cooperative that works for educational transformation from a gender perspective.

The project works simultaneously on two axes: the observation of space and the dynamics of relationships and physical transformation by incorporating innovative elements that materialize and promote the desired change in the educational community through design and community construction interventions. The whole process has been divided into three phases with different objectives: the diagnosis of the wishes and needs, the design of the new elements that will make up the courtyard, and finally the phase of collective construction of these.

The diagnosis phase was carried out through the analysis of the transformation needs by students, teachers and families, through workshops, activities and participatory dynamics. The intention was not only to intervene in the physical space of the courtyard, but also in the relationship dynamics that were created there.

To symbolize the process of reflection in the courtyard, a workshop was built on a geodesic dome, which was the space for reflection and activities throughout the course. Thus, the dome became a symbol for children, as many of them were also involved in its construction with families and teachers. The design of the elements that are part of the new courtyard and its construction began in the fall of 2018.

This project has been recognized by the City Council with the Barcelona Educational Innovation Award.




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