Naturalizing the courtyard of the 30 Passos school, phase 2

  • start  May 2020
  • promoter   Garden and coeducation group of the school 30 Passos
  • place   30 Passos School

participation, self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

The newly created 30 Passos school has been promoting the project for the improvement of its infrastructures, this time in the outer space. We call the playground a "garden" because the educational project proposes its conversion into a space where nature is the protagonist: a living space where the well-being of children is at the center. We want to create an ecosystem with natural and sustainable constructions where the educational community enjoys, taking care of its closest environment.

During the 2019 school year, we began a process of collective participation set up by the school’s Garden and Co-education group. With the engine group, we co-designed a living wicker structure that met the needs of hiding and quiet. During 2020, we have continued this process of naturalizing the school yard with the construction of a wooden geodesic dome.

Through participatory dynamics with the whole educational community and model workshops in the classroom, we have reflected on the outdoor spaces of the school: its physical qualities, the relationships and games it promotes, the inequalities it can generate, the materials ... In order to be able to become aware when co-designing a wooden structure that responds to the needs of tranquility, hiding place, experimentation and collective meeting.

The construction was carried out in a working day thanks to the experience of Esferic in this type of construction. And collectively with the participation of all the children and the cloister. The development of this process has been possible thanks to the general subsidies for the year 2020 of Barcelona City Council. The photographs were taken by arbe.




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