Previous architectural studies for a housing cooperative in Vallcarca

  • start  July 2019
  • promoter   Ruderal, an association for the promotion of housing cooperatives
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

access to housing, new construction, participation

Vallcarca is a territory of the city of Barcelona that suffers from the consequences of the urban planning of the Metropolitan General Plan and its subsequent modifications. As a group located in this neighborhood, we devote part of our efforts to collaborating with neighborhood spaces of confluence in order to seek a better future for the neighborhood we live.

In this way, the modification of the current planning in the territory located in the surroundings of the streets of Farigola, Cambrils, Calendau, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and the avenue and the viaduct of Vallcarca has been achieved. Due to this modification, it was requested from different entities in the neighborhood that part of the new buildings to be built be intended for sheltered housing for social purposes; concretizing to housing cooperatives with cession of use.

Therefore, during May and June 2019, Voltes together with Perviure developed some initial draft proposals for the Ruderal housing cooperative, in the space where the multi-family building facing the street Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer will be located.

The main objective was to make two architectural proposals for a multi-family building for 27 homes and their economic valuation. On the one hand, a building with an inner courtyard was proposed; and on the other hand, a building with a walkway.

The methodology used was based on including all the information collected in a participatory way in previous sessions with the people who are part of Ruderal, thus obtaining a first idea of what types of housing the future inhabitants imagined as well as the number and types of shared spaces, among other criteria.

The results obtained from the group sessions were very enriching and were a first step on the road to the materialization and coexistence of the housing cooperative.



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