Participatory action for a public space for yourth in the Coll

  • start  April 2018
  • promoter   Barcelona's city council
  • place   Barri El Coll, Barcelona


Through the Education Board of the Coll neighborhood, the need for some young people to create a skate area in the neighborhood has been picked up. The Coll-Teixonera District has contacted us to propose an open day of participation for all the youth of the neighborhood, in order to make an analysis of the needs, propose proposals for action in the space and assess the viability and materialization of these.

In this participatory session, the young women of the neighborhood have been able to reflect on the advantages of living in a place like El Coll, but also on its shortcomings. In this sense, during the day the lack of open space for young people in the neighborhood is evidenced, and the incompatibility of some of the activities that are carried out (concerts, skating, sports ...) with the current public spaces of the neighborhood .

The session took place on a Saturday morning, and the specific objectives and areas worked on were:

    Analysis of space and its possibilities as well as its limitations. Drifts have been made through space and its environment to analyze and relate to this environment in terms of accessibility, visibility, sunlight, types of land and types of elements.

    Recognition of needs in the Coll neighborhood. We worked in small groups to answer questions such as: What do I currently do in the streets and squares of the Coll? What activities can’t we do now in the Coll’s public space? What would I like to do in this space? What elements / infrastructure would we need?

    With the aim of collecting the various activities that young people currently carry out, to become aware by all the agents of the variability of actions that can be carried out, to identify the compatibility or incompatibility between them and finally to identify future activities in develop in the necessary space and resources.

    Infrastructure and design proposals, turning needs into action strategies, empowering young people on construction processes.

This last phase takes place at the Coll Civic Center, where an exhibition of various experiences of interventions in public space was held to open up the imagination of young people. Each intervention is analyzed and classified according to the same parameters in order to become aware of human, temporal and material resources.

Group work led to very similar conclusions regarding the collective needs of young people. Finally, a return session was held to the Education Board of the Coll district, presenting the results, and to validate these and their interpretation, and agree on how to make the transformation of the space effective. It was agreed to start to define the intervention in an area of ​​the space and Voltes has carried out the preliminary design of an area of ​​meeting, rest and relationship with the green and intervention in the existing walls with the implementation of games-accessible vertical routes at all ages.