Accompaniment to the Vallcarca Housing Cooperative

  • start  September 2015
  • promoter   Ruderal
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

access to housing

Voltes Cooperativa d'Arquitectura is located in the neighborhood of Vallcarca. This territory has been suffering for decades from the consequences of the urban planning of the Metropolitan General Plan and its subsequent modifications. For this reason, we dedicate part of our efforts to collaborating with neighborhood confluence spaces in order to seek a better future for the neighborhood we live in.

In this way, Voltes we have advised and accompanied in different aspects to Ruderal, association for the promotion of housing cooperatives in cession of use in the neighborhood of Vallcarca, since September 2015.

The main objective was to accompany a group of about 35 people with the main purpose of getting to live in a housing cooperative with transfer of use in the neighborhood of Vallcarca, as a way to participate in the reconstruction of the neighborhood with new collective intervention criteria.

During the first stage, Voltes accompanied and advised the participants through participatory actions to define needs, wills and group expectations, as well as to study the characteristics of the available public space. During a second stage, studies were carried out on the specific regulations in force and a first architectural fit was begun to be defined to define the composition of the future multifamily housing.

The project is articulated around the following areas:

    Initial training and open the imagination.

    Group organizational debates.

    First definitions.

The work carried out seeks technical support in a broad and multidisciplinary way, working both individually and in groups.