Collective construction of a bank in Florida blocks

  • start  October 2019
  • promoter   La Fundició
  • place   L'Hospitalet del Llobregat

self-construction workshop

The Foundry is a cooperative that promotes collective processes of construction, cultural practices and forms of relationship, understood as resources of common use and as "controversial" activities. Its main line of action is the collaboration with different action groups and organizations that work with the territory.

We have collaborated in the activation project, and neighborhood reflection on the public space that the foundation carries out at the blocks of Florida in Hospitalet del Llobregat. This center is centered around the municipal center Ana Diaz, specifically in the square of Marbella and its surroundings.

The order finally becomes specific when creating some element of furniture to transform the square Marbella from the self-construction and collective form with the aim of generating life, since after the reform of the town hall this square It has become a land without elements where you can sit and enjoy local coexistence.

After several sessions of debate with the neighbors, and the partners of the Foundry, it was decided to build a ban that was economical and easy to fold and store. The design has been made in view of these requirements and has been concretized in a 3-section bank constructed of wood veneers of formwork and stitched elements of vegetable fibers for the chord workshop that has been carried out in parallel.

The workshop, which apart from the construction itself aims to empower the participants in the design and use and manipulation of carpentry tools, has been carried out during 4 working days, in the afternoon hours, Radio on the street space that is generated every Monday. The participation has been mainly young people from the neighborhood that frequent the facilities.



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