Construction of a reciprocal structure at La Maquinista school

  • start  September 2018
  • promoter   Maquinista school
  • place   Barcelona

self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

In the latter phase of the Maquinista school courtyard transformation project, the construction of a wooden structure that responds to the needs detected during the diagnostic process has been carried out. This structure is the culmination of the entire process and responds to design criteria worked in sessions with the motor group, where families and teachers have had the opportunity to define the basic characteristics of the proposal. Through the design sessions, we worked on what requirements to fulfill the structure that we would build after collecting various proposals from the entire educational community.

Among the agreed criteria, the structure designed finally responds to the following: it is constructed with natural materials and sustainability criteria, it is safe, it provides sensory wealth, allows climbing and hiding, and a part of the form has been able to be executed Community and with active participation of all the members of the educational community.

To finish defining the structure, this autumn has worked with a group of students of 6th. Throughout a design session, the dimensions, the finishes and the location of the structure have been decided. Through the construction of a model and lifting the yard, concepts of proportion and scale have been worked out to understand how a design process works to translate ideas into self-constructive proposals.

Finally a day of construction was organized where the students were able to participate, along with some families and teachers of some parts. For the construction of the reciprocal structure, we have had the collaboration of the troncsijoc team that build wooden structures.



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