Wicker dome at Baró de Viver school yard

  • start  March 2019
  • promoter   Baró de Viver school
  • place   Barcelona

participatory urban design, self-construction workshop, payground transformation

We have participated in the construction phase of the "Fem patis Coeducatius" project, a project subsidized by the City Council of Barcelona (Directorate of International Justice and International Cooperation, IMEB and District) developed by Colectivo Punt 6 y Coeducación. Specifically, we have participated in the participatory design process of a live wicker hut and in the construction of community building workshops.

Wicker is a vegetable fiber that is obtained from a shrub of the family of willows and can be woven to create objects, traditionally it is the material used for basketry. The planting season is between January and March and with the appropriate care in about two weeks the first shoots begin to emerge. This structure, when alive, needs maintenance, watering, pruning and going to train the branches as they come out. In this way the relation of the children with the green is reinforced and the hurry of brings back to consciousness of the needs of the alive elements.

Between January and March 2019, design and construction workshops were opened in the entire educational community to build the necessary objects for the transformation of spaces into their own hands.

In the first workshop, the preparation of the land to plant the wicker has been carried out. The trenches have been excavated in an open session with school teachers.

In the second workshop, Voltes together with Bosquerols, we have carried out the construction of the structure of the cottage. This has been done by means of wicker arches laminated between themselves and the placement of braided diagonals to give more strength to the structure. The cabin consists of a dome of 3 meters in diameter, with a height of 1.9 meters and with the placement of two outboard doors, two windows and a hole to allow the entrance of light to the top.

In the last workshop, together with the entire educational community, the cabin braiding and the drip irrigation installation have been completed, required to achieve a green structure in a few weeks. Through the days of construction of the elements, the links between the educational community are enhanced and people's empowerment work in the construction of spaces.



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