Construction of cabins in the Cadí School

  • start  April 2019
  • promoter   Espai 0-3 Cadí-Raval
  • place   El Raval, Barcelona

We have participated in the design and construction phase with the Bressol Cadi School in the framework of "Do it together", carrying out two wicker cabins together with Cristian Real, cistellaire. Specifically, we participated from the initial design phase to the construction days carried out in conjunction with families, children, teachers and professionals of the Cadi School and the Raval Family Area.

Specifically, two wicker cabins with a base diameter of 1.50 meters and a height of approximately 1.20 meters have been made. The two cabins have a circular base and a structure that is attached to this circular base made with the same wicker.

Each cottage has been made with a different technique of fabric, one by means of a freer technique that gives a less thick finish and another one through one of the traditional techniques to make baskets. Both seek to fulfill the request of the school to create spaces of privacy so that small and small users can enjoy these.

The process began with a first session with mothers and teachers to understand the needs and jointly decide the design of the two cabins. He continued, with a previous preparation session of the day and another session of joint construction with the entire educational community.

Through these days of construction of the elements, it seeks to strengthen the links between the educational community and work the empowerment of people in the construction of spaces.

Photographs made by arbe.



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