Collective construction of a cane and wicker geodesic dome

  • start  April 2019
  • promoter   Horrt Antoni society
  • place   Barcelona

self-construction workshop

Inside the island of Sant Antoni, at the Onanda Day Center is l'Hort Antoni , an open open space where an urban permaculture project is developed between different families. Several areas of edible orchard and forest have been created to make this a pleasant and educational space.

In this context the people of the Hort Antoni association that manage the space have wanted to build a pergola with natural materials that can improve the atmosphere of the patio allowing the rest of the adults majors of the center of the day and of the families that enjoy of " this space.

We turned around some days of collective construction from one to a geodesic cane and wicker dome. Working with the students of the school of gardening Rubió i Tudorí and volunteers interested in the permaculture and the bioconstruction. For the placing of the wicker we have collaborated with Aleix Grifoll, cistellaire.

In order to create an open and easily accessible space we have used rigid NES of printed PLAs with a 3D printer in order to allow the opening of the dome in 4 points, and raising it on some planters where wicker and others have been planted plants that will cover the dome with the years.



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