Construction of a reed vault in the BioBui (L) t space

  • start  April 2014
  • promoter   BAM (Bioarquitectura mediterrània)
  • place   Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona

cane construction, new construction, self-construction workshop

The intervention carried out in the Biobui (L) t space aims to be a demonstration of the technical and formal possibilities of construction with cane arundo donax today. This site corresponds to one of the spaces in the Pla de Buits, located in the Raval district, in the heart of Barcelona.

The BioBui (L) t space has been built together with other groups working in the world of bioconstruction in Barcelona and other nearby environments. The intention is to show the capabilities of construction with natural materials, with techniques that recover traditional knowledge and a design and construction that applies criteria of sustainability and environmental awareness.

The project consists of a vault of reed arches that covers a semi-outer space of the enclosure. The idea is for the reed vault (with a main structure of reeds of reed beams and a secondary one of nerves that connect them) to act as sun protection and prevent the direct entry of rain. The vault is supported on a wooden hoop executed with KLH, and each arch is embedded in drawers prepared to brace the vault and prevent horizontal displacements.

Finally, the exterior finish consists of a stitching of whole reeds that has just stiffened the entire structure, while allowing light to pass through the screen.



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