Green roof with green garden in Barcelona

  • start  May 2018
  • promoter   Paisatge urbà de l'Ajuntament de barcelona and neighbours
  • place   Gràcia, Barcelona

calculation of structures, energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reform

This project have transformed the existent flat roof at a green roof. A place of biodiversity where produces food at the same time that it improves the isolation of the building. The project has win the contest Qui té una coberta té un tresor of Barcelona's City Council.

The formation of green covers contributes at re-naturalise the city, improve the energetic efficiency of the premises and reduce the pollutants of the ambient. Using an often abandoned space to produce energy, food and generate a meeting area.

We have formed a fantastic work team with the Community of Neighboring Balcells, the Architect Maia del Tento and the constructor EixVerd, with the participation of the UPC monitoring the impact of the cover at the interior of the house and on the surroundings.

The building has a yard where the property had generated a very rich naturalised space. The idea has been to magnify this oasis of biodiversity to the third façade. The green roof is formed by a zone of orchard where produces food for the community, with 40cm of substrate. A zone with aromatic plants for such to foster the presence of butterflies and where the bees can power.

They have installed nests for bats, swifts and ... to generate sure places where reproduce. As well as insects hotel that facilitate the ecosystem of the roof. It has fashioned a system of Aquaponia, where two tanks with fishes fertilise the water that runs in an enclosed system and powers the vegetables planted on volcanic gravel. This system, at investigation, seeks the maximum save of employed water.

The green wall has formed to reduce the warming of the facade and takes advantage of the last corner for the green. The perimeter bushes pots that work as a windbreak to protect the rest of plants.

It has installed 4 photovoltaic panels, and two rain water tanks, in order to improve the energetic efficiency of the block and prevent that the green roof suppose an increment of expense. To carry out this important change of use, the existent Catalan flat roof has been demolished and has been necessary to reinforce the structure of the last story.

Photographs made by arbe , and Marcela Grassi from l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.



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