Culturnates 2019, Playing on the Street!

  • start  25th june 2019
  • promoter   CCCB, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
  • place   CCCB, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

cane construction, self-construction workshop

During the first week of July, we participated in the Summer CCCB, Culturnautes, which has been recreating in different spaces of the Center with children of different ages, from 6 to 14 years, about the appropriation of the public space and the game The proposal of the workshop To play, in the street! , it was carried out as a collective construction activity that worked around the game and the use of public space with the "experiment to reflect" strategy.

The Culturnautes interacted with the different spaces near the CCCB, through dynamics related to the construction, exchanging experiences on how we play or what activities we carry out in the public space to become active subjects of the transformation of the city. New ways of playing and occupying public space were proposed with a critical eye, the result of experience and collective debate, understanding that urban space has historically been the main stage for these practices, but currently , these activities are displaced, rigidly limited or simply do not respond to children's concerns

The workshop was developed for 4 days during which children worked every day around well-known environments, such as the house, the street and the square; Building elements for these spaces or recreating them. Each day each group made constructions to a specific area of ​​the CCCB, to finish the last day "creating" a small city with all the elements produced and sharing the different experiences of each workshop.

The activity sought the empowerment in the design and construction of the spaces we inhabited, enabling children to work from the drawing to the production of scale models, prototypes and furniture and game structures at 1: 1 scale. The dynamics and the use of construction tools were designed to adapt to different ages and prioritize teamwork and the participation of all.


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