walking towards a co-educational school yard

  • start  April 2018
  • promoter   Teresa Altet school
  • place   Rubí

self-construction workshop, payground transformation

Through this project we seek to rethink the courtyards as a place where a relationship between partners and colleagues can be established and the right conditions for working responsiveness, respect and autonomy can be generated through activities that offer a variety of options; spaces that not only encourage movements full of vitality, but also curiosity, privacy and tranquility, as well as contact and learning through nature.

The project simultaneously works on two axes: the observation of the space and the dynamics of relation and the physical transformation incorporating innovative elements that materialize and promote the desired change of the educational community through interventions of design and construction community.

The active participation of the entire educational community in the decision making, design and development of the project, together with the participation of the neighbors community and the support of the City Council, make the intervention coordinated between the different Agents of the same territory have the purpose of creating a network between school, families and neighborhood.

1. DIAGNOSIS AND SENSITIZATION: observation of the space and the dynamics and uses that are developed to detect the existing deficiencies and strengths. Accompaniment and training of teachers, students, families and leisure staff to raise awareness in matters of coeducation.

2. DESIGN AND PLAN OF ACTION: elaboration of the strategic lines and objectives of the transformation with the motor group. Creation sessions / workshops with students and motor group to awaken the imagination of a new outer space and develop design proposals.

3. COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION OF NEW ELEMENTS: development of the action plan for the construction of each of the different proposals chosen. Carrying out of self-construction and experimentation with prototypes to materialize the detected needs and bring new dynamics of coexistence, emphasizing the relationships between genres, generations and different identities.



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