Collective construction of living wicker huts

  • start  January 2020
  • promoter   Teresa Altet school
  • place   Rubí

self-construction workshop, transfroamtion of educational spaces

As part of the project `` Walking towards a coeducational playground '', which was started in 2018 with the entire educational community and jointly with Coeducació, the collective construction of several living wicker huts has been carried out. Through this project we have worked on transforming the playground as a learning place, where we work on the dynamics of relationships between classmates and the possibilities for developing activities that offer a variety of game options.

With the collective construction of the living wicker huts, we begin the third phase of the project: community building, where the main objective has been to reconvert the outer space, creating more natural spaces that promote calm and meeting activities. We wanted to create an ecosystem with natural and sustainable constructions so that the educational community enjoys a living space where the well-being of children is the center and they learn to take care of their closest environment.

During the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, we worked with the educational community and with the children in the classroom through prototypes and models, to design together this living wicker structure and respond to the detected needs: to have a hiding place and tranquility, segregating the most active possible activity through the strategic location of the entrances and exits or with the heights of the doors.
This structure consists of 3 connecting cabins (about 2.5-3m in diameter and 1.9 in height), a separate cabin for the youngest children (1.5m and 1.6m in height) and a small tunnel that it closes and invites the rest of the cabins to pass. The various dimensions are adapted to the different needs of the space and the ages of the children who will use it. During January 2020, the planting season of this vegetable fiber, we enjoyed three days of collective construction to make the planting of the structure and therefore the construction of the cabins a reality, with the participation of the entire educational community.

Photographs taken by arbe .



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