Audit to improve the accessibility of public space for the Barcelona City Council

  • start  September 2016
  • promoter   Barcelona's council
  • place   Barcelona

studies of urban space

The work carried out consists of the collection of data and the writing of a manual of best practices in application of the Accessibility Regulations in the public space in the municipality of Barcelona.

To expose these practices, a thorough analysis has been made of compliance with the regulations in different actions and works in the city of Barcelona, after 2010,. This work is compiled in forty technical sheets that describe the intervention graphically and in writing. A general map of the entire municipality of Barcelona presents the location of all the cards, located in almost every neighborhood. Each card has been numbered with its own two-digit code, where the first corresponds to the order of the elements and their classification by groups, and the second corresponds to the district of Barcelona where it is located.

In order to recognize and be able to give a detailed technical description of the different podotactile pavements used in the performances, a general summary sheet of all of them has been prepared. In this, the demands of the UNE Regulations that the pavements must meet and a summary of the different types found in the analyzed interventions appear, highlighting which ones meet certain aspects of the regulations and which do not.