Extension and renovation of a single-family home in Valldoreix

  • start  November 2018
  • promoter   Private
  • place   EMD Valldoreix, Sant Cugat del Vallès

calculation of structures, energy efficiency, new construction, rehabilitation and reform

The project consists of the extension and reform with ecological and energy efficiency criteria of a single-family home located in Valldoreix, on the foothills of Collserola. This project has been carried out in collaboration with the builder Martín Sánchez.

There were two separate and separate volumes on the plot; the one of brickwork and ground floor used as a warehouse and the other used as a ground floor house and a more modern brick floor, without air chamber or thermal insulation. The plot has a steep slope and the buildings are located in the middle surrounded by native trees.

The project proposal seeks to generate a home composed of different volumes that dialogue with the existing elements, connecting through glazed strips and creating different environments.

It aims to differentiate the volumes with different finishing materials and seeks to connect them from the inside, generating a bright main space, open to the garden with views and possibility to connect the life of inside and outside the house . The new layout allows a fully south-facing kitchen lounge with large porches protected by a porch, incorporates a new interior staircase, and clearly separates community and public use spaces from private use.

Priority has been given to the use of natural materials and low ecological footprint, while work has been done to improve the energy of existing buildings and the criteria for energy efficiency have been extended. These are built of Pyrenees (Cross Laminated Timber) pine wood walls and ceilings seen inside and insulated outside with wooden sawdust insulation. Existing volumes were also isolated by SATE one and inside with extradosat the other. Radiant floor has been incorporated throughout the ground floor to air-condition the house with an aerothermal system connected to 8 photovoltaic solar panels.

Photographs made by arbe .



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