Acompanyament tècnic al veïnat de Vallcarca

  • start  2015
  • promoter   People form Vallcarca
  • place   Vallcarca, Barcelona

neighborhood support

The premises of Voltes Cooperativa d’Arquitectura are located in the Vallcarca district of Barcelona. This territory has been suffering for decades from the disastrous consequences of the urban planning of the Metropolitan General Plan. For this reason, we dedicate part of our efforts to collaborate with the Urban Planning Commission of the Assembly of Vallcarca, and other neighborhood areas of confluence in order to seek a better future for the neighborhood in which we live.

In recent years, work has been done collectively on various areas such as:

Information and proposals on current urban development
Ensuring access to decent housing for all people
Proposals for improvement on pedestrian and vehicle mobility
Ensuring pedestrian traffic in an accessible and safe way
Proposals for new activity nodes in the neighborhood that respond to the needs and desires detected
Proposals for public spaces and relationships with green
Heritage conservation, not only architectural but also social, cultural, symbolic and natural
Application of sustainability criteria

Some of the most remarkable works in which we have participated have been:

The wording of the document Carregades de Raons where they collaborated with “L'observatori de Vallcarca”
Participation in the awareness campaign "Construïm Vallcarca" and the derived Neighborhood Platform, which aims to inform the neighborhood and make it part of the processes of decision.
Realization of graphics and explanatory plans, such as the proposals of the “Pla Popular de Vallcarca” or the presentations for dissemination.
Participation in the negotiations between the neighbors and Barcelona City Council, advised by the architects Pedro Lorenzo and Margarita Alonso.
In coordination with ASF, the diagnosis of “La Fusteria”.
Technical monitoring of the Vallcarca Housing Cooperative project.
Accompaniment of the proposed intervention on Avinguda Vallcarca, creation of the new Eix Verd de Vallcarca.