Technical accompaniment to obtain an alternative urban housing contract

  • start  December 2018
  • promoter   Masover
  • place   Santa Maria de Martorelles

access to housing, rehabilitation and reform

Some of Voltes' companions were working on the promotion of alternative housing (called "masoveria" in catalan tradition) thanks to a scholarship obtained in 2010 from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. During the development of this, the Catalan Integral Cooperative collaborated with the creation of an office that facilitated the management between owners and inhabitants in the city of Barcelona. This initiative looked for the generation of affordable housing, the dynamization and activation of the offer of empty houses and the support of the future users.

During the last months of 2018, we were commissioned to carry out the technical support to get a "masoveria" contract for a property located in an old complex in Santa Maria de Martorelles, which, according to the land registry, dates from the year 1900.

The technical support consisted of several tasks. First of all, a first visit to the house was made, which was in disuse for 80 years; Together with the owners and the future user. In the second instance, the plans of the current state as of the reformed state were carried out on the basis of a previous diagnosis; as well as a material execution budget for the necessary improvements; clearly differentiating between the labor cost of the cost of materials to finally make a proposal for phases of the improvements to be made by the future "masover"; thus achieving a cession for 15 years.

The house is a tradtional town house, which presents the traditional construction way, based on manual ceramic brick and wooden beams with ceramic corners and tile finish, preserving details worth restoring.

The housing contract has also been possible thanks to the collaboration of the association MULA (Urban Housing for Alternative) .



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