Technical support at the Torre Baró AVV

  • start  September 2017
  • promoter   FAVB
  • place   Torre Baró, Nou Barris, Barcelona

neighborhood support

The Torre Baró district is located on the edge of the Collserola Natural Park at the northern end of Barcelona. It is one of the districts most punished by the abandonment of the administration and the different urban plans and modifications of the PGM of Barcelona.

We work through the Federation of Residents Association of Barcelona in collaboration with the Association of Residents of Torre Baró, to advise this entity and the neighborhood of Torre Baró to enter into a fluid and productive dialogue with the administration. The aim of this collaboration is to transmit the requests of the neighborhood to the competent administrations and to generate content and proposal documentation to promote the necessary improvements in the neighborhood.

This is a long-term project that began in 2017 and in which various areas have been worked on according to the needs and possibilities at any given time:

URBAN AFFECTIONS: information and support to the neighborhood on the current urban effects to generate new channels of communication with the administration and reach resolutions of the various cases.

    HOUSING: diagnosis and training in housing and minimum living conditions to ensure access to decent housing for all people.

    MOBILITY: analysis of the various streets, the topography of the area and the needs of the neighborhood. Through this analysis, proposals have been made for street sections based on the mobility of pedestrians and vehicles, and guaranteeing access to public transport in all areas.

    UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY: we place it in an area with a very aged population and a very marked topography. It has been essential to be aware of these needs and to propose proposals and street sections that guarantee the safe and accessible movement of pedestrians.

    EQUIPMENT AND TRADE: analysis of the current state and needs and desires of the neighborhood, and proposals for new nodes of activities.

    PUBLIC SPACE: analysis of current public spaces and proposals for new spaces that respond to the various identities and proposal for new walks in relation to green. br>
In a transversal way in all the exposed areas, the empowerment of the neighborhood has been worked on, providing tools for analysis and proposals, training in matters of sustainability and universal accessibility and heritage conservation, not only the architectural but also the social, symbolic, natural ..., among others.

Under the premise "No more neighbors outside the neighborhood," we want to reverse the situation of desolation, helplessness and legal insecurity that urban plans have generated over time. We are working specifically to promote a new mpgm that recognizes the physical reality in the whole area of ​​Torre Baró and for the improvement of mobility in public transport and on foot, for a more accessible neighborhood.

All the information is accessible through the website of the town planning commission of the AVV of Torre Baró