Acompanyament tècnic al veïnat dels 3 Turons

  • start  September 2019
  • promoter   PHATT
  • place   Gràcia i Horta-Guinardó disctrics, Barcelona

neighborhood support

The Tres Turons park is located between the districts of Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó in the city of Barcelona. These are three hills belonging to the Sierra del Litoral that advance in the plain of Barcelona from the Sierra de Collserola, and that form a privileged balcony with views over the whole city.

For almost 70 years, this area has undergone several modifications with respect to the urban planning that affects it. It has been an area severely punished by the abandonment of the administration, in reference to access to minimum services and the impact of different urban plans.

The first approved plan is the 1953 Regional Plan, which describes a large area as a green area. In 2011, the Modification of the PGM was approved in the area of ​​the Three Hills, current planning and based on the land basically classified in the General Metropolitan Plan of 1976 as an urban park or urban renewal area in transformation to a park. In this change in planning, Barcelona City Council decommissioned about 400 homes in the area but still, part of the neighborhood considers that it was an insufficient process and without enough real citizen participation. In the last 4 years the administration has reactivated some phases of this planning as the plan has not been carried out in full, partly due to the resistance of some neighborhood associations, as the final project provides for the demolition of almost 300 more apartment buildings.

We work through the Platform of Affected Homes of the 3 Hills (PHATT) on behalf of a part of the neighborhood in the area, to provide technical advice to this entity and the neighborhood in order to engage in a fluid and productive dialogue with the administration. The aim of this collaboration is to transmit the requests of the neighborhood to the competent administrations and to generate content and proposal documentation to promote the necessary improvements in the affected neighborhoods. This is a long-term project that began in 2019 and in which various areas have been worked on according to the needs and possibilities at any given time:

    URBAN AFFECTIONS: We are in an area where in general the neighborhood has been little informed about the effects or decommissioning of their own homes. We have informed and supported the neighborhood about the urban effects over the years and the current ones to generate new channels of communication with the administration.

    HOUSING: Diagnosis and training in housing and minimum living conditions to ensure access to decent housing for all.

    MOBILITY: analysis of some streets, topography and needs of the neighborhood, to generate concrete proposals to ensure the safe and accessible pedestrian traffic .

    PUBLIC SPACE: analysis of current public spaces and proposals for improvement and creation of new spaces related to green.

In a transversal way in all the exposed areas, the empowerment of the neighborhood has been worked on, providing tools for analysis and generation of proposals, training in sustainability and universal accessibility and heritage conservation, not only the architectural but not the also the social, symbolic, natural ..., among others.

Under the premise "No more neighbors outside the neighborhood", we want to reverse the situation of helplessness and legal insecurity that urban plans have generated over time through a first phase of information to the neighborhood about their situation and to demand from the administration new communication channels to guarantee the participation and the representation of the population in the future decision making.