We are a cooperative specialized in architecture and urban planning: bioconstruction and sustainability, rehabilitation, citizen participation. Our lines of work develop a conscious architecture with the social and built habitat; an inclusive urbanism open to the processes of participation and collective transformation; Innovative sustainable facilities with natural materials; as well as critical thinking around the environment we inhabit.

We are looking for alternatives to the traditional way of living the profession with a horizontal organization,

We want to work with other disciplines, groups and professionals in the sector, facilitating their involvement in promoting shared knowledge.

We believe in the empowerment through collective work, the ability of people to define the spaces we inhabit, and focus our practice as a tool of social transformation. We support research and technical rigor to advance in a respectful relationship between the built environment and society. We want to defend the spaces that we include to all people, with proposals that prioritize rehabilitation as a project attitude, with an enthusiastic, creative and positive vision towards the future.

We are : Albert Aira, Irene Arce, Marta Arnal, Júlia Beltran, Isabel Chao, Judit Falgueras, Marc Fando, Esteve Martinez, Iñigo Mujika, Júlia de Orovio, Marina Sanahuja i Andrea Swiec.

  • PhD in Architectural Projects. ETSAB, UPC
  • Master in Theory and Practice of the Architecture Project. ETSAB, UPC
  • Master in Sustainable Intervention on the Built Environment MISMeC. ETSAV, UPC
  • Master in Bioconstruction from the Institute of Baubiology in Morillo de Tou, Huesca. UdL and UdZ
  • Master in Anthropology, Advanced Research and Social Intervention. UAB
  • Postgraduate in Rehabilitation from the Sert School
  • Postgraduate in Socio-Environmental Analysis and Intervention within the Master’s in Environmental Intervention and Management at the UB-UAB
  • International Cultural Heritage Course, “Intervention in Architectural Heritage”. EPC

Conferences and talks

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Press clipings

Article on Vallcarca a la Vanguardia

Article in the newspaper La Vanguardia that echoes the work carried out jointly with the entities and neighbors of Vallcarca in order to try to save the identity of the neighborhood in the future remodelings that are planned for it.

coberta verda
New green roof in gracia

L’independent newspaper of Gracia echoes that guided tours begin on the green cover of c. Balcells 41 that Voltes have done in collaboration with the construction company Eix Verd, the architect Maia del Tento, and the materials laboratory of the UPC.

Hackathon feminist economy

Fiare Banca Etica promotes the Ideas Laboratory: Hackathó of feminist economics projects, aimed at young people under 35, with the objective of knowing and approaching new projects linked to social and solidarity economy, reflecting on the future of ethical finances and prepare for the challenges of the coming years.

Voltes participated to improve internal organization, including personal activist actions within the operation of the cooperative.

Let’s do it together, a project that unites two educating visions

Together this year, Femho has proposed to make two wicker cabins, designed by the architects of the Cooperativa Voltes that have also helped and participated in its construction. Children and adults have had the opportunity to work and enjoy together the creation of a structure built by everyone.

Article at Ara diary

Article about the FADfest 2016 – General Essay. Voltes participated in the design and execution of several canyon geodesic domes to make the event possible.

The “triangle”, the last fight in Vallcarca

La Vanguàrdia dedicates an extensive article to the neighborhood conflict in Vallcarca. The recent approval of the MPGM in the area of Vallcarca, considered by the local movement as a victory of urbanism driven by citizens, faces constant struggles to reclaim its essence.